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GDECA is a data, analytics and AI consulting company that specializes in the strategy and enablement of data workloads on AWS.


is the average percentage of time data scientists spend on data preparation


of enterprises wish they could do more with data and require an end-to-end data strategy


of IT leaders say AI & ML is transforming customer engagement and 69% say it is transforming their business

Our Services

Our outcome-focused approach centers on understanding your unique business dynamics and applying tailored, cutting-edge technology solutions that prioritize operational excellence, reliability, performance, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and security.

With expertise in data engineering, cloud analytics, data strategy consulting, and managed services, GDECA is your trusted partner in transforming your data into a strategic asset and unlocking its full potential to help you seize opportunities and achieve your goals.

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Our Solutions

Data optimization initiatives are not one-size-fits-all. No matter where you are in your cloud data journey, GDECA will guide you into the world of modern data engineering and advanced analytics leveraging the worlds most powerful cloud ecosystem, AWS.

  • Cloud Cost Optimization

  • Consulting as a Service (CaaS)

  • Fractional Services

  • Proof of Concepts (POCs)

  • Right-time Data

Technology Partnerships

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