Right-Time Data

Right-time data refers to GDECA's comprehensive solution for balancing the costs and benefits of real-time data.

As specialists in the strategy and enablement of data on the AWS platform, understanding the diverse demands of business cases concerning cost and latency requirements, GDECA meticulously assesses the characteristics of the data to determine the optimal mix of processing methods. By precisely gauging the significance of business insights and the desired speed of data processing, the team at GDECA tailors the architecture and data workflows accordingly.

Whether it calls for batch processing, near real-time capabilities, or cutting-edge advancements like machine learning and artificial intelligence, GDECA ensures a seamless and efficient integration that aligns with the specific needs of each business case. With GDECA's expertise in data workload enablement, businesses can confidently harness the full potential of their data on the AWS platform.

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GDECA's Approach

  • Use case-specific analysis to define latency and cost requirements
  • Prescribe and implement the optimal mix of batch and near-real-time using the proper components to meet the businesses needs while considering cost restrictions
  • Determine feasibility and implement advanced components to control and adjust your data availability as needed; "right-timing" your data processing based on specific cost and latency requirements
  • Monitor and scale your data ingestion and processing to meet evolving business cases

The Benefits

  • Reducing the risk of stale data leading to poor decisions
  • Improving business agility to changing conditions
  • Optimizing costs by only using real-time where it provides value

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