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Supporting Our Customer’s AWS Journey With A Data-First Approach

Gravity Data Engineering and Cloud Analytics is the AWS consulting partner of choice for organizations seeking modern data solutions required to take advantage of evolving business opportunities and win in this competitive environment.

Extracting value from your data requires a holistic data strategy, custom-designed to your unique business needs. GDECA was founded on the principle of customer obsession. We aim to understand the dynamics of your business first, then apply the modern technology solutions suitable to your needs considering operational excellence, reliability, performance, cost, sustainability and security.


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As a preferred AWS consulting partner, GDECA empowers commercial organizations to leverage modern data solutions, seize emerging business opportunities, and maintain a competitive edge in today's dynamic market. We recognize that unlocking the true potential of your data demands a comprehensive, tailor-made strategy that resonates with your unique business requirements.

With customer obsession at the core of our philosophy, GDECA prioritizes understanding the intricacies of your business before recommending and implementing the most appropriate cutting-edge technology solutions. Our approach takes into account critical aspects such as operational excellence, reliability, performance, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and security, ensuring that your data strategy is built on a robust and future-proof foundation.

From data migration to specific data solutioning, GDECA is your partner in designing the strategy right-fit to your business. Your data strategy should be structured to optimize your business today with the necessary flexibility and agility to evolve and take advantage of growth and innovation opportunities.

GDECA offers strategy consulting for data migration, data governance, data federation and more.

Leveraging the full potential of the cloud can optimize and revolutionize your business. At GDECA we take you from idea to enablement by designing best-of-breed architectures for migration to modern enterprise data architecture, DataOps, data warehouse, data lakes, MLOps and data integration.

Proper and robust data engineering is the lynchpin to maximize the value of your data. GDECA’s data engineering practice emphasizes the importance of ELT/ETL, pipelining, near real-time streaming, databases, data cleansing, data quality, data modeling, metadata management, big data and DataOps.

Building robust analytics solutions leads to better, data-driven decision-making. GDECA brings expert-level knowledge providing your stakeholders with dashboards, reports and alerts required to make pivotal decisions.

Applying Al/ML to your business comes with varying levels of complexity, cost and ROI. Whether you're just starting Out or are ready to maximize your investment in Al/ML, GDECA combines deep technological expertise with functional experience to confidently gain ROI from Al/ML activities.

Technology Partnerships

GDECA consultants offer customers flexible onshore, nearshore and offshore execution models.


  • Data WAR (Well-Architected Review)
  • FinOps (Cloud Cost Optimization)
  • AI Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Data Skillset Assessment
  • Data Migration Readiness Assessment
  • Right-Time Data Implementation


Integrated Teams: Receive a dedicated team of proven AWS resources while maintaining your strategic and operational oversight

Fractional Services: Receive access to leadership talent from Director to CDO (Chief Data Officer) with flexible part-time commitments


(Delivered in 3 weeks or less)

  • GenAI Chat
  • GenAI Chat+
  • Semi-structured Data Pipeline
  • Relational Data Pipeline & Ongoing Replication
  • Automated Document Processing
  • Custom Solution POC

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