Garnering Buy-In for Cloud Cost Optimization Programs

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Garnering Buy-In for Cloud Cost Optimization Programs

Cloud computing offers many benefits like scalability, flexibility, and paying only for what you use. However, the ease of spinning up new resources can also lead to over-provisioning and unused spend. 

GDECA’s Cloud Cost Optimization service on AWS offers a technical-first approach for initiating the establishment of a holistic FinOps program. We focus on managing cloud costs through greater visibility, technical improvements and monitoring. According to research by Gartner, enterprises following FinOps principles have achieved 15-30% savings on their public cloud bills, and GDECA helps organizations take the first steps to achieve those cost savings.


GDECA consulting and execution services include:

AWS Resource Tagging

  • Tagging your resources is critical to analyzing the value of your cloud expenses. Understanding which cloud resources are aligned to your workloads is imperative to save and optimize while not mitigating business value.

Cost & Usage Dashboards

  • After defining a right-fit tagging strategy and successfully implementing it, the next step is to visualize and analyze the trends of your AWS cloud cost and usage information to pinpoint where savings can be realized. GDECA enables many native and non-native solutions to provide the right metrics for reporting, forecasting, rightsizing, organizing and more.

Quick Wins

  • Early savings is key to receiving executive sponsorship for holistic FinOps programs. Once GDECA has identified savings opportunities, we move to execute on right-sizing, decommissioning and implementing serverless and automation used to realize early cost savings.

Monitoring & Alerting

  • With clearly established budgets and forecasts, GDECA implements monitoring and alerting solutions to notify the necessary individuals or teams when thresholds are close to being exceeded and take the necessary action.


  • At this stage, you will have accomplished the necessary tagging, visibility and monitoring of your AWS cloud cost usage along with early savings realized. Organizations can then move to implement additional savings at scale and garner buy-in to invest in holistic FinOps programs.


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