Maximizing the Value of Your Data on AWS with GDECA's Tailored Solutions

As a data, analytics, and AI consulting company specializing in the strategy and enablement of data workloads on AWS, we empower organizations across the commercial and public sectors to harness the full potential of their data and drive transformative outcomes. Our approach leverages deep expertise in data engineering, cloud analytics, AI/ML, and data strategy consulting to deliver tailored, cutting-edge technology solutions.

With a comprehensive suite of services, GDECA is your trusted partner in turning data into a strategic asset, enabling data-driven decision-making at scale, and helping you navigate the complexities of the ever-evolving data landscape to achieve organizational goals with confidence.

Our Solutions

Data optimization initiatives are not one-size-fits-all. No matter where you are in your cloud data journey, GDECA will guide you into the world of modern data engineering and advanced analytics leveraging the worlds most powerful cloud ecosystem, AWS.

Our Services

Our outcome-focused approach centers on understanding your unique business dynamics and applying tailored, cutting-edge technology solutions that prioritize operational excellence, reliability, performance, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and security.

With expertise in data engineering, cloud analytics, data strategy consulting, and managed services, GDECA is your trusted partner in transforming your data into a strategic asset and unlocking its full potential to help you seize opportunities and achieve your goals.

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Data Strategy

From cloud migration to specific data solutions, GDECA is your partner in designing the strategy right fit to your business. Your cloud strategy should be structured to optimize your business today with the necessary flexibility and agility to evolve and take advantage of growth and innovation opportunities.

GDECA offers strategy consulting for cloud migration, data governance, data democratization, and more.

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Data Architecture & Migration

Leveraging the full potential of the cloud can optimize and revolutionize your business. At GDECA we take you from idea to enablement by designing best-of-breed architectures for migration to modern enterprise data architecture, DataOps, data warehouse, data lakes, MLOps, and data integration.

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Data Engineering

Proper and robust data engineering is the lynchpin to maximize the value of your data. GDECA’s data engineering practice emphasizes the importance of ELT/ETL, pipelining, near real-time streaming, databases, data cleansing, data quality, data modeling, metadata management, big data and DataOps.

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Cloud Analytics

Building robust analytics solutions leads to better, data-driven decision-making. GDECA brings expert-level knowledge providing your stakeholders with the dashboards, reports and alerts required to make pivotal decisions.

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Applying Al/ML to your business comes with varying levels of complexity, cost and ROI. Whether you're just starting out or are ready to maximize your investment in Al/ML, GDECA combines deep technological expertise with functional experience to confidently gain ROI from Al/ML activities.

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